We were delighted to be sponsoring the Rail Safety Summit in November 2018. 

MAX work in rail with TOCs such as the First Group, MTR Crossrail and Trenitalia, Network Rail, the RSSB, significant infrastructure companies working in the rail industry including Costain and Arup and working alongside the British Transport Police.

c2c Trenitalia short feedback videos: Confidence to deal with the more assertive or aggressive customers Practical Relevant & Realistic  Having FUN! with a serious subject

We pride ourselves on delivering practical RESULTS.  At Hull Trains physical assaults stopped completely and verbal assaults dropped dramatically to 3 per 180,000 journeys.  All on-board staff are trained by MAX to this day to keep up this superb performance, whilst still providing an excellent customer experience as one of the UK's most progressive train operating companies.

We first started working at Hull Trains after a nasty sexual assault on a member of staff had left a lady traumatised and unable to return to work.  Utilising the amazing Havening Techniques® she was laughing and joking within an hour and returned to work the following week. (Click for case study here)

We're delighted that many experienced railway staff tell us that our training is the best conflict management they've ever experienced (Feedback here incl. MTR & First Group)

With a background which uniquely encompasses 6 Sigma, extensive leadership, conflict and stress management we can help you prevent, manage and recover from conflict.

Yes of course we can help you manage conflict when it seemingly appears out of nowhere, but we can also work to help you minimise it in the first place through effective process design, excellent customer experience and conflict management training all the way through to highly assertive self-protection, self-defence (as an absolute last resort) and even the ability to remove/reduce the emotional distress suffered following a traumatising incident (s). 

We like to work closely with the senior leadership team, learning and development, safety leads, HR, experienced staff, unions and the BTP to design MPowering solutions to meet whatever the needs of the client are. No course in the rail industry so far has been identical.

MAX's MD Mark Wingfield was invited to speak at the Rail Safety Summit in 2017 (short video here).

We hope to see you at the Rail safety Summit 2020.

To book a chat please call Mark on 0774 263 4581. 

Our Areas

Conflict with customers and conflict between departments and teams. Staff are more productive and provide better customer service when they can manage conflict effectively.
Effective emPowerment for staff and students. Handling Learners Assertively and emPowering vulnerable young people. Solutions for search and physical intervention training.
Protecting your most precious assets - your staff. Hugely popular practical, relevant and realistic courses and workshops - as well as specialist policy and process design and equipment selection consultancy.
Practical techniques and approaches to suit your environment. Heart Rate Variability Control and Havening Techniques for 1:1 and group activities. 
Providing tailored courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching and support. What special requirements do you have?
For an energising and well received practical talk for your event or conference, choose a MAX area of expertise that works for you and have it tailored to suit your audience and their needs.