Stress Management

Practical techniques and approaches to suit your environment. Heart Rate Variability Control and Havening Techniques for 1:1 and group activities.

When people are over-stretched, frightened or exhausted, their ability to make good decisions is impaired. They do not have full access to their “thinking brain” in the pre-frontal cortex - where we evaluate all the best resources, experience and skills to make the right decisions and the best choices.

How do we help individuals handle stress in a really practical way?

1. We act to help individuals in organisations immediately with

a. Heart Rate Variability Control techniques.
These immediately reduce the production of adrenaline, minimise cortisol (the well-known “stress hormone”), boost DHEA production in the body – which is not only a performance enhancer but makes you feel great! Plus you will naturally produce acetylcholine which helps provide real focus on whatever task you are required to complete.

Clients range from RAF Strike Command to Housing Association Staff

b. Havening Techniques® therapy where we can help remove or dramatically reduce the emotional distress resulting from previous trauma. We can help you take away the fear that stops an individual from effectively carrying out tasks. Clients range from residents at Salvation Army Lifehouses to Directors of businesses. Helping people get out of their own way and get on with their lives. Please visit

2. We provide consultancy and workshops to improve processes which are not working properly and causing problems to customers and staff. You will learn techniques which enable you to re-build processes and systems to ensure they don’t cause pain to the organisation in the future and work for you in a positive manner, not a negative one.

Our Areas

Conflict with customers and conflict between departments and teams. Staff are more productive and provide better customer service when they can manage conflict effectively.
Effective emPowerment for staff and students. Handling Learners Assertively and emPowering vulnerable young people. Solutions for search and physical intervention training.
Protecting your most precious assets - your staff. Hugely popular practical, relevant and realistic courses and workshops - as well as specialist policy and process design and equipment selection consultancy.
Practical techniques and approaches to suit your environment. Heart Rate Variability Control and Havening Techniques for 1:1 and group activities. 
Providing tailored courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching and support. What special requirements do you have?
For an energising and well received practical talk for your event or conference, choose a MAX area of expertise that works for you and have it tailored to suit your audience and their needs.