Conflict In The Workplace

Your Senior and Junior managers and their Supervisory staff need to be able to lead their teams through Change and Conflict. Here are some options

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an organisation flexible enough to tinker and tailor their modules and existing courses to ensure that you receive what you need for your team?

You can rely on MAX’s extensive experience in helping organisations work through both change and conflict.

To MPower their way through their challenges, here are some of the modules that our clients dip into:


Leading through Change and Conflict Summary

Here's how you could mix up the topics to suit your needs as others have done:


  1. Management Development   - A 3 x 1 day introduction to management for 3 key managers developed for Collstream (Very successful SMS company subsequently sold to Esendex)
  2. Developing Successful Teams – A half day introduction initially developed for a London University for new managers across all faculties.
  3. Supervisors & Conflict – A half day event developed for Costain to support Infrastructure Supervisors managing subcontractors in highly stressful environments.
  4. An Introduction to Leadership – A one day event developed for Cybertechnology PhD students in anticipation of their first leadership role.
  5. Leading Change: A 2 x 3 day module programme for junior leaders delivered initially for Avid Technology in the UK (in English) and Germany (in German)
  6. Selling the vision and getting difficult colleagues on side – A half/full day participative workshop with optional Conflict and Communication Modules developed initially for a school leaders mastermind group.
  7. Senior Leadership – A five day course delivered initially for Ericsson TV in Hong Kong.
  8. Leadership Development Programme – a six month programme for Group Leaders incorporating 3 x 2 day training courses, face to face and telecoaching post training events, pre and post course videos and online tests, a leadership project review and 10 role plays with an experienced actor who has visited the business. Developed initially for SIEMENS
  9. Leadership Development Programme – a Team Leader version of 8. above with 3 x1 day courses. Developed initially for SIEMENS
  10. Empowering Resilience – A half day highly interactive workshop developed for CEO Peer Group VISTAGE

If you would like to discuss any of these to understand how they can be used to help your situation please contact us


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