Conflict in Education

Effective emPowerment for staff and students. Handling Learners Assertively and emPowering vulnerable young people. Solutions for search and physical intervention training.


Learning Support, Curriculum Leaders, Student Services, Estates and Security often turn to us to help bolster their staff to be able to handle learners/students/pupils effectively in sometimes very challenging situations. We help the senior leadership team as well as housekeeping, canteen, admin staff, caretakers and wardens. Inner city primary schools, PRUs, prisons and academies to land-based colleges and universities.

Since 2006 MAX have delivered specific courses including those named below to provide practical relevant and realistic approaches that will work for your organisation. From having a consistent approach to learners pushing the boundaries to facing extreme aggression we listen to you and deliver something very appropriate. EmPower your staff with the confidence to handle anything. Ensure that you satisfy all your legal and moral responsibilities. You can have something very practical, realistic and relevant to instantly prepare your staff for the worst and emPower them to be their best - and most importantly to stay safe.

Talks, course and workshops typically cover Handling Learners and Parents Assertively; Behaviour Management Training; Search Training and/or Physical Intervention


MAX are often asked to provide learners with their last chance at college. We help young people learn self-control techniques to modify their behaviour and enable them to stay at their educational institution and not be expelled or sent to the PRU. This can be on a group basis or through individual coaching and Havening.

We help vulnerable students handle bullies through talks, workshops and theatre. We prepare student reps for what they see as the terrifying role as a public speaker. Often we call our events Lifeskills, sometimes Anger Management or Self Control, Having Fun and Staying Safe or simply How to Handle Bullies.

We work with lots of different SEN groups and have experience working across the autism spectrum, with Asperger’s and Down Syndrome and provide effective SEN Confidence and Self Esteem Boosters, Assertiveness Training with Self Defence, Assertiveness and Self Protection, often using our brand Keep Your CoolTM

An excellent use of Pupil Premium for lasting benefits for all concerned . Clients you will recognise range from the Chelsea Foundation and Arsenal in the Community to Dulwich College, HMYOI Portland, Manchester City Council and the Prince’s Trust.

Our Areas

Conflict with customers and conflict between departments and teams. Staff are more productive and provide better customer service when they can manage conflict effectively.
Effective emPowerment for staff and students. Handling Learners Assertively and emPowering vulnerable young people. Solutions for search and physical intervention training.
Protecting your most precious assets - your staff. Hugely popular practical, relevant and realistic courses and workshops - as well as specialist policy and process design and equipment selection consultancy.
Practical techniques and approaches to suit your environment. Heart Rate Variability Control and Havening Techniques for 1:1 and group activities. 
Providing tailored courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching and support. What special requirements do you have?
For an energising and well received practical talk for your event or conference, choose a MAX area of expertise that works for you and have it tailored to suit your audience and their needs.