MAX MPowers confidence to handle difficult situations.

Whatever challenges you have right now please talk to us - we only offer Practical, Relevant and Realistic solutions. If we aren't right for you we probably know an organisation or someone who is. Give us a call or use the contact box to say hello and ask us to call you.

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Our Areas

Conflict with customers and conflict between departments and teams. Staff are more productive and provide better customer service when they can manage conflict effectively.
Effective emPowerment for staff and students. Handling Learners Assertively and emPowering vulnerable young people. Solutions for search and physical intervention training.
Protecting your most precious assets - your staff. Hugely popular practical, relevant and realistic courses and workshops - as well as specialist policy and process design and equipment selection consultancy.
Practical techniques and approaches to suit your environment. Heart Rate Variability Control and Havening Techniques for 1:1 and group activities. 
Providing tailored courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching and support. What special requirements do you have?
For an energising and well received practical talk for your event or conference, choose a MAX area of expertise that works for you and have it tailored to suit your audience and their needs.